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2020 Blog

It is a new year and with that it is a new beginning of sorts. Cleaning the desk and cleaning out the studio are foremost on the list. It is a clearing of mind and soul to start fresh for a creative year.

In addition to my other creative endeavors, I have added Ambassador to Island Batik to my list. I am excited to be part of such a creative team. I love a challenge and I love working under pressure and I love Batiks. Wow, what could be better.

I am working on my 7th year as part of the Handi Quilter Educator team. I have been all over the US as well as the world teaching people to quilt. This year I have almost 20 events scheduled or tentatively scheduled so far as well as a trip to the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne Australia! Wow am I excited!!!!

I still quilt for customers, as I have been for over 20 years. The rumors of me not accepting quilts are just that: rumors. Call if you are interested in quilting. I do both edge to edge and light custom quilts. Intense custom quilts are scheduled far in advance. If you are interested in having me quilt your quilts call me or email me at .

I am looking forward to having more downloadable items for sale on my website: Instructions for computerized quilting projects, patterns and projects for piecing, socks and quilts.

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Emily Leachman
Emily Leachman
14 janv. 2020

This is super fun! I really like the colors--scrappy is always nice. I like the angles with the half-hexes turned away from each other.

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