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Triangle Challenge

The May challenge for Island Batik Ambassadors was to use triangles in our piecing. I took this one pretty literally.

I made this triangle quilt in a group of teal fabrics.

I culled my stash into a cohesive group along with a beautiful background.

I found my triangle ruler from Jaybird Quilts to cut these large triangles. It is the Super Sidekick.

This is a great ruler for equilateral triangles.

I used my favorite (one of my favorites, since I have several, lolol) sewing machines to stitch this quilt together. This is my Janome M7. It is such a gentle beast of a machine. I do admit to being a bit of a machine snob when it comes to all my sewing machines. I may have a few.

I found the need to have a pic of the quilt nearby so I stitched the pieces correctly.

I used some new Schmetz needles, always a plus when stitching tightly woven fabrics such as batiks. I also chose a pretty Aurifil thread for the process.

After the top was pieced, I started the quilting on my Handi Quilter Forte. I added Hobbs heirloom batting for this project, as this is my go-to batting.

I knew I was going to quilt specific designs in the triangles, so I began with stitching in the ditch around all the piecing.

This REALLY sets the piecing just right. I really like how this looks in a quilt.

The quilt finished at about 65" square, great lap size quilt, perfect for a couch or throw.

The rest of the quilting accents the triangles.

I used matching thread throughout, so the thread colors don't overpower the piecing. I changed thread about 6 or 8 times.

Part of the fun of these challenges is taking the quilts out for a photo shoot.

Hubby and I went out to Whatcom Falls park in Bellingham for this shoot. It was a beautiful morning and the falls were just roaring. It REALLY sets off the colors of the quilt with the falls and the forest in the background.

It is such an iconic location.

If you have not accepted a quilting challenge, or for that matter a challenge in other aspects of your life, you should. It helps you grow. I find these challenges to be such an inspiration to me and hopefully to all of you!

Thanks for popping in to Bestquilter!

Its 2022 and things are looking up! We still really need do what we can to bring joy to our lives. The bright colors and act of creating with fabric can bring so much joy in a stressful time. I will continue to create while I am travelling and teaching. Follow me on Instagram to find more fun and colorful quilt projects (and some gardening and cooking too!). @bestquilter

Disclosure: The products featured here were provided to me free of charge by Island Batik, Aurifil thread, Schmetz needles, and Hobbs heirloom Batting.

Visit all the Island Batik Ambassadors for inspiration.

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Jun 01, 2022

Megan, I love your quilt and the quilting is fantabulous! But, I would expect nothing else from you and your Forte! It really adds to the movement of the triangles. All those thread changes are daunting to me, but it adds so much. The location you chose for your photo is beautiful!


Maryellen McAuliffe
Maryellen McAuliffe
May 30, 2022

Gorgeous quilt, great quilting, and stunning location.

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