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Scrapbuster Challenge

Oh, how I love a Scrappy quilt!

This month, Island Batik challenged us to use make a scrappy quilt. I love a challenge as it really gives a quilter a stretch out of our safe box.

I collected my stash of Island Batik and pulled as many as I could to create this bright and cheery quilt.

I tested out a block with my Accuquilt Go, to see if I liked it and liked making it.

The block is Crossed Canoe.

It takes 2 squares about 6" for each block.

This block is super easy and fast to make.

After making one, I planned the rest of the quilt with EQ8.

I liked the offset. I ended up with a bit different offset of 2" instead of a half block.

I pulled as many of the bright and cheery fabrics as I could and cut 6" squares .

I cut the blocks and started pairing them up, hoping for no repeats on the 2 fabrics.

I used wonder clips to hold the piles together.

Stitching was quick and effortless. I usually made a few blocks in between other projects. Schmetz needles are fab with the tightly woven batiks.

I made 52 blocks total.

I did have to cut more blocks a few times!

I started laying out the blocks to get an idea of how I wanted the quilt to look.

I did not spend too much time arranging the blocks. I wanted the colors to be a bit serendipitous.

I did not add borders as I kind of like that look right now.

I loaded the quilt on my Handiquilter with Hobbs Heirloom Batting and decided on the edge to edge design.

Here is the quilt on my Longarm.

I added a scrappy binding.

The quilt finished at 64" by 73". It is a great couch quilt or cuddle quilt. It would add some great color in a neutral room.

It order to create a fun post, I searched for a place to set up a photoshoot. Gloomy spring days did not give me any ideas. The oranges in the quilt were very close to the color of our tractor.. I decided to clip the quilt to the box of the tractor and have hubs lift it up.

It was a bit windy so there may have been some help holding the quilt flat.

Just for fun, I asked hubs to drive the tractor a bit to see what kind of movement I got with the quilt.

Disclosure: The products featured here were provided to me free of charge by Island Batik, Hobbs and Schmetz

Here is a list of all the Ambassadors for 2021.

Visit and follow them for great ideas in quilting for 2021!

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Gail Renna ~ Quilt Haven Threads

Brianna Roberts ~ Sew Cute And Quirky

Michelle Roberts ~ Creative Blonde

Gail Sheppard ~ Quilting Gail

Andi Stanfield ~ True Blue Quilts

Jennifer Thomas ~ CurliCue Creations

Janet Yamamoto ~ Whispers of Yore

Its 2021 and we are still in the midst of a Pandemic. We really need to find some joy. The bright colors and act of creating with fabric can bring so much joy in a stressful time. I will continue to create in the next few months while I am at home not traveling and teaching. Follow me on Instagram to find more fun and colorful quilt projects (and some gardening and cooking too!). @bestquilter

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Preeti Harris
Preeti Harris
Mar 30, 2021

In the quilting world, there are lots of scrap quilts. But this is a spectacular beauty of a quilt that just happens to be made from scraps. The colors are joyful, the pattern is beautiful. The offset layout adds movement and your quilting is just perfect. Congratulations on a gorgeous finish!!!


Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas
Mar 29, 2021

I love the way you offset the blocks just a little bit instead of by half a block. Beautiful scrap quilt!

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