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Row by Row: Modern Blue Ridge AND a Raffle! scroll to the bottom for the giveaway.

Feb of 2022: Island batik has given the Ambassadors a Row challenge.

There is something to be said about a row: you can try a new technique without trying a whole quilt out, only to find you don't like that and won't finish the quilt. Try a row!

I got a lovely selection to create a row quilt. It is called Blue Ridge Mountains by

Kathy Engle. It should be in stores this month. Ask your local store to carry it!

I worked on a design in Electric Quilt for weeks. I like to play in EQ and my Quilting design programs early in the mornings. Sometimes I come up with great designs and sometimes I just need more coffee.

Here is my plan. I love using the Row feature to design a quilt.

To create continuity, I used a 4" grid for all my rows. I chose one fabric to highlight each fabric used in the row. I also used a sashing in between each row to give some space for my eyes to rest.

The rows are all based on using the Accuquilt Go system.

I narrowed down my fabric choices to create a cohesive design.

Matched up with a great neutral background fabric, it promises to be a winner.

This is called Flour. Love the name, love the whiteness, love the swirly bits. At first I thought the swirly bits were too much, but fell in love with this fabric the more I used it.

I used my Accuquilt to make each row.

I tried a new Accuquilt Die, a drunkards path for one of the rows. Minimal fabric waste to cut the blocks is a plus!

I sewed the blocks on my Janome M7 machine. I LOVE this machine.

Orange peels and Kite blocks added to the quilt. I stitched a row each day and it was done fairly quickly.

I wanted to quilt in rows as well, so I needed to mark some lines for that.

I am using Hobbs Heirloom Batting. (my FAV)

Row 1:

And more rows:

This shows how I designated an area to quilt and keep the quilting within that area.

I quilt on a HandiQuilter Forte with ProStitcher. I LOVE my longarm!

And now the quilting is finished. I also alternated blue thread and tan thread for the rows.

I love the texture the quilting gives it.

And then to bind. I bind on a different machine, my Juki straight stitch.

The whole quilt is a fun and cool modern style row quilt. IT finished out to be 64" by 70".

There is no fancy photo opportunity this time. The weather is not such that we can go somewhere and take the pics. I am also a bit busier too. I have started to travel again with my job as a HandiQuilter educator. I go to stores and shows and teach how to use a longarm. I used to travel about 3 times a month for 3 or 4 day events. I am only traveling about one time per month for the time being. I am quilting for hire as well as creating great quilts and patterns. I take my quilts that I make as an Island Batik Ambassador with me for my trunk shows. WIN WIN! new quilts on the road.

And for the


Island batik is giving out this fabulous bundle of fabric.

Be sure to visit all the Island Batik Ambassadors for more chances to win. There is a new giveaway each week!

During these blog hops, Island Batik gives away a lot of fabric!

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End of Blog Hop and Final Round-Up

Disclosure: The products featured here were provided to me free of charge by Island Batik, and Hobbs.

Its 2022 and even though things are looking up, we are still in the midst of a Pandemic. We really need to find some joy. The bright colors and act of creating with fabric can bring so much joy in a stressful time. I will continue to create while I am just beginning to start traveling and teaching. Follow me on Instagram to find more fun and colorful quilt projects (and some gardening and cooking too!). @bestquilter

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8 Kommentare

03. Feb. 2022

I find myself inspired by watching other quilters’ showing off their work. I often think, Hey, that quilting motif would look great on (add quilt pattern name here)! YouTube, Instagram and seeing the creative ideas of my fellow guild members!

Gefällt mir

Jennifer Schifano Thomas
Jennifer Schifano Thomas
03. Feb. 2022

Lovely quilt. So clean and fresh looking. The quilting is gorgeous as well. Have a great day!

Gefällt mir

03. Feb. 2022

Great design, someday I will get EQ 8 so much can be done with it. I love how you used the fabrics.

Gefällt mir

Cathy Calloway
Cathy Calloway
02. Feb. 2022

Fun quilt. Love the quilting. I’d say my inspiration comes from all over- nature, photos, IG ideas….

Gefällt mir

Kathleen McCormick
Kathleen McCormick
02. Feb. 2022

I love this. It is so interesting that you had the quilting continue into the border strips - wonderful idea. It makes the negative space move in ways that it wouldn't without that!

Gefällt mir
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